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In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, individuals, teams and organizations are under mounting shareholder and market pressure to perform continuously. Now more than ever, burnout, staff turnover, absenteeism and chronic illness undermine human performance in the workplace. And it affects everyone.

To address these threats, business leaders need to invest in solutions that sustainably enhance resilience and team effectiveness. Understanding the behavioral code that affects performance can create a state of thriving in a rapidly evolving work environment.

The Behavioral Code for High Performance

The Behavioral Code for High Performance provides organizations with invaluable insights into how the underlying drivers of human performance affect key business outcomes. We provide practical products and tools to prevent burnout, build resilience and unlock high performance in individuals, teams and organizations.

At Neurozone® we not only report detailed and actionable data, we also enable the transformative upskilling of leaders, HR professionals, and coaches to facilitate dynamic and sustained optimization.

Our areas of application

Organizational wellbeing

Prevent burnout and build resilience of all your employees. Our products and tools are designed to enhance wellbeing and to unlock high performance in your entire organization. Equip your employees with personalized, online interactive materials for individual optimization. We achieve this by using cutting-edge, user-friendly neuroscience and analytics.

High-performance organizations

To a very large extent, the individual human capacity for high performance drives organizational performance. Until now there has been little understanding of the neurobiology of the underlying behaviors that drive human performance in the workplace. Our Behavioral Code for High Performance serves as an effective blueprint for the high-performance organization.

Leadership development

Equip your high potential leaders with scientifically grounded insights and a deeper understanding of how the brain/body system drives resilience and high performance. Upskill your managers and leaders as ‘coaches’ with an adequate understanding of the science to equip and optimize their teams.

Team effectiveness

Are your teams fulfilling their high-performance potential? Discover the unique set of actionable workplace and lifestyle behaviors required for each team to function as a high-performing unit. Then drive resilience and high performance through your upskilled team leaders, or through our Neurozone® certified coaches.

How the Behavioral Code works

Resilience prevents burnout and reduces chronic stress

In a complex and rapidly evolving world, resilience provides the buffer against burning out and sets you up for performing at your best. Chronic stress in the workplace is a significant cause of burnout. The World Health Organization recently recognized this kind of burnout as a medical syndrome, underscoring its urgent need for prioritization.

Resilience enhances high performance

For organizations looking to truly excel in their industries, resilience has been proven to not only prevent burnout, but also to foster high performance—increasing innovation, enhancing learning and simultaneously reducing downtime and lost productivity.

High performance reduces burnout risk

The Neurozone® Solution reduces the risk of burnout by equipping individuals with an understanding of the application of the foundational drivers required to perform at the highest level. At the same time, it helps foster a balanced and resilient brain-body system much better equipped to manage stress.

Backed by science

With pooled data of more than 6 000 leaders across more than 65 different behaviors affecting high-performance capacity, the Neurozone® Solution is the culmination of a decade of blending cutting-edge neuroscience with analytics to build usable metrics of how the brain performs to ensure we stay alive, survive and thrive in all walks and stages of life.

The Neurozone® Model and Code

The Neurozone® Solution links specific and identifiable neuroscience markers to the human competencies most needed by individuals and organizations for sustained high performance. These include burnout avoidance, building resilience, leadership enhancement, and increased learning and innovation capacity.

The Neurozone® Model links 10 unique drivers to the Neurozone® Behavioral Code for High Performance. The Model and Code work together to build organizations defined by resilience and high performance.



Our products and tools



All Neurozone® reports are generated by one 20-minute online assessment. Our data analyses have been developed, verified and enriched over the past decade to provide accurate and personalized results.


The Neurozone® Heat Map

A customized organization-wide analytic report linking the Neurozone® Behavioral Code for High Performance with burnout risk, resilience and high performance readiness. Neurozone® can also link the Heat Map data with organization-specific outcomes, providing leadership with an invaluable view of organizational wellbeing and high performance readiness using brain/body data. The Heat Map informs top-level strategic decisions for high performance outcomes. Heat Maps can also be generated for smaller functional aggregates in an organization, for example teams, departments and divisions.


Individual Neurozone® Personal Reports

Online, interactive, personalized report, following a 20-minute self-assessment. The Neurozone® Personal Report has been designed as a personalized individual tool for both small and large volumes of employees in the organization. The report is ideal for prevention of employee burnout, resilience and to enhance general organizational wellbeing when used in large volumes by many employees. At the same time it works to unlock organizational high performance. Neurozone® Personal Reports can be used as a stand-alone tool, with Neurozone® Heat Maps or with Neurozone® Team Analytic Reports to enhance team effectiveness and even for larger group coaching exercises. For comprehensive solution planning, Neurozone® may recommend awareness campaigns, online master classes or other wellbeing programs in conjunction with delivery of Neurozone® Personal Reports.


Individual Neurozone® Personal Reports

Because of its rich online interactive content, organizations and coaches often use the Neurozone® Personal Report for personal mastery in leadership & talent development programs, executive wellness and in senior teams for team effectiveness in conjunction with the Neurozone® Team Analytic Report. Neurozone® Personal Reports provide users with a clear profile of four core capacities needed for high performance: resilience, self-leadership, learning capacity and innovation capacity. One 20-minute online assessment enables Neurozone® to generate all the different types of reports in the Neurozone® System. Coaches are available, or can be certified, to support behavioral change for high performance when using the FourCore Reports.


Team Analytic Reports

Online, interactive, content-rich team report, following the same 20-minute self-assessment that renders individual impact reports. Provides the team and the team coach with a profile of the team capacities and outcomes important for team effectiveness, for example turnover intention. The team leaders choose the outcome the team wants to work on, which renders the most important behaviors needed to enhance the desired team outcome. The Team Analytic Report is well suited for Neurozone® certified coaching.

Blended Online Courses


Online Course (5 weeks): Neurozone® Course for leadership development and personal mastery: Neuroscience for High Performance

Rich multimedia content, self-study with continuous support. Enrolled participants learn the fundamentals of burnout, resilience and high performance, and how to leverage this knowledge for highly effective leadership. Each participant receives a personalized Neurozone® FourCore Report at the start of the course. The course is highly engaging with interactive, continuous, online support and interaction, concluding with a live online masterclass/tutorial to consolidate all insights.


Online Course (7 weeks): Neurozone® Certification Course for human capital professionals and coaches

Rich multimedia content and interspersed weekly with live online tutorials to ensure optimal compliance. Participants learn insights and themes underpinning individual and collective human performance and leadership. In addition, internal coaches and human capital professionals learn how to utilize the Neurozone® System to cost-effectively optimize the whole organization for high performance. Internal coaches are upskilled to facilitate company-wide interventions through individual and team coaching. External coaches learn how to use the Neurozone® System to enrich and expand the value proposition of the enterprise.

Neurozone® certified coaches

We collaborate with coaches and consultants across the globe. Our certified coaches are upskilled to work with individuals and teams to help them prevent burnout, facilitate enhanced resilience and set them up for high performance.

Coaches who also consult for organizational development use our whole range of analytics and neuroscience products to support their organizational clients for high performance.

About us

Neurozone was founded in 2011 by neurologist, Dr Etienne van der Walt, and former company director, Tony Kirton. As a clinical neurologist, Etienne was increasingly aware of the urgent need to develop innovative solutions for individuals and teams to reduce the risk of burnout and prevent implosion of the brain/body system. To address this growing epidemic he conceptualized the first Model for Brain Performance, delivering evidence based interventions to build resilience as the buffer against burnout ... and to simultaneously unlock human capacity for high performance.

The Model then led to the development of The Neurozone Behavioral Code for High Performance as a paradigm for managing and optimizing the individual and collective brain/body system for high performance. The Behavioral Code informs all our products, provides clients with an accurate indication of burnout risk, and simultaneously creates the opportunity to optimize high performance readiness.

We also recognize that relevantly qualified people are most effective for delivery of Neurozone products and services. To ensure this, we offer a Neurozone Certification Course for coaches, human capital professionals, and team leaders.

Neurozone has an experienced team of neuroscientists, analysts, and behavioral specialists who are passionate about continuous scientific discovery. Our values of empathy, excellence, and scientific integrity serve as a guide for every one of our passionate and skilled team members.

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